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Testing is a vital part of the full stack engineering process.
It forces the developer to think about all cases.
It allows for easy and secure continuous refactoring.

Many types of testing:

  • Unit
  • Integration
  • End-to-End
  • Acceptance
  • A/B
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Target Group

Unit testing

  • unit means a function, class or module
  • internal to the project, white-box
  • executed locally and on the continuous integration server
  • smoothens cooperation within a team
  • aim for optimum code coverage

Integration testing

  • test integrations between components / modules / services
  • inter-component, interface driven, white- & black-box
  • executed on staging and production as part of deployment

End-2-End testing

  • testing an application feature / behaviour from start to finish
  • simulate user behaviour, white- & black-box
  • executed locally or on continuous integration server

Acceptance testing

  • externally specified tests, black-box
  • testing whether our changes break:
    • dependant services
    • non-functional client specifications
  • periodically executed on both staging and production environments

A/B testing

  • hypothesis driven
  • does this change have a statistically significant effect on metrics
  • tested variants are usually product, but could be technical

Security testing

  • attack surface
  • penetration testing
  • data privacy

User Testing

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Accessibility
  • Fixing bugs in Production

Course Schedule:

week 1 03.02.2017 History of the web Fullstack Principles Development Processes Agile Processes DevOps Basics Git
week 2 10.02.2017 Frontend Overview Backend Overview Network Overview Testing JavaScript Overview JavaScript Tooling
week 3 17.02.2017 Web Architectures RESTful principles SOLID principles Web Components Continuous Integration
week 4 24.02.2017 Databases basics Using APIs Deployment Automation Monitoring In-class project consultations
week 5 17.03.2017 Project presentations
Final Test
Course Retrospective and Q&A