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SOLID principles

Single Responsibility

A module should have only one reason to change.


A module should be open to extention but close for modification.

Liskov's Substitution

A module should be interchangable with its derivative modules.

Interface Segregation

Use particular interfaces instead of system-wide ones.

Dependency inversion

Modules should depend on interfaces not implementations.


Course Schedule:

week 1 03.02.2017 History of the web Fullstack Principles Development Processes Agile Processes DevOps Basics Git
week 2 10.02.2017 Frontend Overview Backend Overview Network Overview Testing JavaScript Overview JavaScript Tooling
week 3 17.02.2017 Web Architectures RESTful principles SOLID principles Web Components Continuous Integration
week 4 24.02.2017 Databases basics Using APIs Deployment Automation Monitoring In-class project consultations
week 5 17.03.2017 Project presentations
Final Test
Course Retrospective and Q&A