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Git - distributed source code management

  • Concepts
  • Local commands
  • Remote commands
  • Workflows
  • Tools

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  • Repository
  • Working directory
  • Index
  • Commit
  • Remotes
  • Branches

All files and sub-folders in the prject folder.
Files can be excluded through the .gitignore file


Other repositories represented by a name and a url
List remotes by running git remote -v

Working directory

The current state of the repository
See changed files by running git status
Or view all changes by running git diff


Selected changes waiting to be committed.
Add changes by running the git add command


A SHA1 identified package of changes. Each commit points to its parent commit. The commit history can be explored with git log


Branches are simply pointers to commits.
The HEAD points to the current commit.
List branches with git branch -v

Local commands:

    #create a new repository in the current dir
    $ git init

    #add files to the index
    $ git add

    #create a new commit
    $ git commit

    #show the status of the working dir vs the index
    $ git status

    #get specific versions of files
    $ git checkout

    #manipulate branches
    $ git branch

More local commands:

    #explore the tree of commits
    $ git log

    #move the HEAD pointer
    $ git reset

    #create a commit with muliple parent commits
    $ git merge

    #re-create a commit on top of a different parent
    $ git rebase

Remote commands:

    #download a repository from a given url
    $ git clone

    #download commits from a remote repository
    $ git fetch

    #upload commits to a remote repository
    $ git push
tell git your name and email

    git config --global"XXX YYY"
    git config --global""
sets up a new repository in the current folder

    git init
check the state of your git repository

    git status
promote code snippets to be included in the next commit

    git add -p
create a commit with the given message

    git commit -m "MSG MSG MSG"
explore the history of commits in your project

    git log --graph --oneline


  • All-in-master
  • Feature branches
  • Pull/Merge requests
  • Multi-tier


  • Client eg. Pre-commit
  • Server eg. Post-update


Course Schedule:

week 1 03.02.2017 History of the web Fullstack Principles Development Processes Agile Processes DevOps Basics Git
week 2 10.02.2017 Frontend Overview Backend Overview Network Overview Testing JavaScript Overview JavaScript Tooling
week 3 17.02.2017 Web Architectures RESTful principles SOLID principles Web Components Continuous Integration
week 4 24.02.2017 Databases basics Using APIs Deployment Automation Monitoring In-class project consultations
week 5 17.03.2017 Project presentations
Final Test
Course Retrospective and Q&A