Hi, I'm Mihail,

these are some of my open source projects

My github profile
Conference presentations
The evolution of an API A presentation about the evolution of React's APIs (with a focus on hooks)
Concurrency Parallelism and Scheduling in JavaScript A presentation about JavaScript execution and concurrency model with some actors and csp thrown in
Overview of the micro front-ends architecture A presentation about building sites as a collection of independently deliverable and deployable components
Building resilient JavaScript APIs A presentation about practises and patterns that can help make an API more resilient
React 16 Overview A presentation about using React 16 features, patterns and best practises
Git Panic and how to avoid it A presentation about using git without stress, helpful command options, and best practises
Juggling and JavaScript A presentation about Juggling as a programmer's hobby, the basics of site-swap notation, and a site-swap parser/interpreter implementation in JavaScript
Short courses and learning materials
Full-stack JavaScript: React and Express A short course about building web applications with the popular React and Express libraries
Intro to Git A short course about version control with Git
Modern JavaScript A collection of presentations about JavaScript: langauge features and design, libraries and patterns.
FullStack101 A collection of presentations about web development, technologies, and principles.